Confirmation of design, budget and delivery date.



Send estimates



Making drawings

*Response to 01, 02, 03, 04 is free of charge*Response to 01, 02, 03, 04 is free of charge


Production of model (1/10) (
according to your request) *Partly charged, meeting

Miniature model making on request
(※some charged) Meeting



Drawing approval



Production (in-house factory in the Philippines)



Delivery and installation/construction

*Delivery time is around 75 days after drawing approval.

01 - Inquiry


Please feel free to contact us for anything from vague questions to specific requests. Professional full-time staff will respond.
Inquiries are accepted from this form or by phone ( (+63 46) 430 2293 ). Click here to book a showroom.

02 - Confirmation of design, budget and delivery date

Confirmation of design, budget and delivery date

DesignPlease let us know the drawing, product image, and dimensions of your project. It will be smoother if you select from simple sketches, photos on our website, or part numbers in the catalog.

BudgetPlease let us know if you have a desired budget. If the price is higher than your budget, we will try to adjust the members and parts used to bring it closer to your request.

DeadlineApproximately 70 days after the order is placed. Manufactured in our own factory in the Philippines and shipped to Japan by sea. If you want early delivery, it can be delivered by air mail (additional charges apply).

03 - Quotation

Send Estimations

Once the design and size have been roughly decided, we will submit a rough estimate. The quotation includes the product price, delivery costs, installation costs (if necessary) and overhead costs. The price changes depending on the design, size, steel material, decoration, and color, so let's decide the product specifications according to your wishes and budget. Click here
for pricing

04 - Making the Plan

Making drawings

We create and submit drawings with accurate dimensions using CAD.
In addition to the design and dimensions, the fit with the building is also an important factor, so we submit drawings that reflect the weight and installation method.

05 - Production of model (1/10) (according to your request) *Partly charged, meeting

Miniature model making on request(※some charged) meeting

In order to convey the image to the client, it is possible to produce not only a drawing but also a 1/10 size model.
You can also use it as a surprise by presenting it to the customer when the construction is completed.
Please use it as a presentation tool for clients who are unfamiliar with drawings and perspectives. Click here for the presentation model.

06 - Drawing Approval

Please check the size, design, mounting method, mounting position, etc. of the drawing created by our company, and if there are no problems, please write the date and stamp. After approval, we will start production.

07 - Production (in-house factory in the Philippines)

Manufactured in our own factory in the Philippines.
The Japanese factory manager inspects the product. It is a high-quality product that mainly uses Japanese steel materials and paints from Nippon Paint (Philippines branch office; some local copper materials are also used).
In principle, we deliver to Japan by low-cost surface mail. If you are in a hurry, it is possible to shorten the delivery time by arranging airmail.

Click here for our factory

08 - Delivery/Construction

Delivery, installation and construction

Installation work will be carried out by our cooperating construction company with a large number of transactions or by a designated contractor.
Single products such as gates and handrails can be completed in half a day to a day.
Even after installation, there is a one-year warranty period, so please do not worry if there is a problem.

Product warranty