The beautiful curved design of the wrought iron and the grape motif are in harmony. For wine lovers and those who want to add flavor like a French chateau.

Outdoor fences exposed to the elements should be of good quality. Mita Seisakusho's wrought iron maintains its beauty for many years through hot-dip galvanizing with high rust resistance and careful welding. The timeless and simple design of the wrought iron fence is in harmony with the building design.

Wrought iron outdoor fence with a simple design. Accented with a twist design and accessories on the top and bottom of the grid-like square bar. By adding the feature, it gives a sophisticated impression.

Wrought iron outdoor fence installed next to the front door. By installing a fence, you can gently separate the outdoor space from the indoor space. We have an original design on the top of the wrought iron fence. The space between the eaves and the top frame is also stylishly partitioned.

Wrought iron fence for indoor use installed in front of the stove. Attaching a fence helps prevent dangers such as burns to children.