The beautiful curved design of the wrought iron and the grape motif are in harmony. For wine lovers and those who want to add flavor like a French chateau.

A fireplace cover (fire screen) is an item that is installed to prevent sparks and ash from scattering, staining the floor, and burning people and pets. Like the story of "Kaguya-hime", it is a playful design where the bamboo shines when the fire is lit in the fireplace.

Wrought iron flower stand. The matte black and silver wrought iron is used to complement the main flower. The weight of the wrought iron is solid, so you don't have to worry about it falling over even if the wind blows.

A colorful and varied wrought iron lead hook. You can make it with your favorite colors and motifs, and it will be a cute object even when not in use. For temporary mooring of your beloved pet.

How about decorating like this on your windowsill or in your plant corner? Birds, leaves, and musical notes are also carefully made by hand. The gentle scenery created by the wrought iron creates a healing space regardless of the season.

It is a unique bench that combines a natural single board with a rich expression, making use of its original shape. The wrought iron legs firmly support the material, and the decoration that is slightly hidden under the seat is stylish.

The wrought iron chair has a large backrest and is paired with thick cushions in the same color as the interior. It is a counter chair (bar chair/high chair) that aims for both stylish design and comfortable sitting comfort.

A table with legs made of wrought iron. The unique line design, which partially incorporates gold, has an exotic appearance. How about as the central interior of the room?

A custom-made outdoor table. The top plate is designed and manufactured in our factory with artificial marble. In addition, the wrought iron table legs have a patina color that harmonizes with the garden and goes well with the color of the artificial marble.

A flower box with a cute puffy appearance. It is made to match the size of the terracotta-colored stand, and even when there are no plants on it, it looks like a small fence that decorates the windowsill.

A slightly compact flower box with a basket decoration. Even when you don't put plants in it, it will beautifully color around the window. The design gives a clean and gentle impression.

A flower box installed to connect two windows. By designing with the same motif as the fence, the exterior has a sense of unity. The part where the rain gutters pass is empty, and the plumbing is smooth.

A European townscape made in a building with a fairy tale world view. Actually, I'm a pediatrics receptionist. The flower box by the window is a place for stuffed animals that gently welcome children. Nice idea. Of course, it can also be installed outdoors.

Part of the building's name and address in the crown motif. The matte gold and black color scheme makes it a stylish sign that does not spoil the grand atmosphere of the entrance.

A wrought iron sign that creates the atmosphere of a European town. If you use a hanging type like this, you can use the logo of the store as it is, and you can freely set the location and height. The signboard is also supported from the sides by poles, so flapping due to the wind can be suppressed.