A large arch of wrought iron separates the areas of the wedding salon. When placed in front of a large mirror, the arch will be reflected in the background of dresses and tuxedos, making the space look classy like a gorgeous photo frame.

Wide arch with central sun motif. The somewhat exotic atmosphere goes well with the olive trees. Since it becomes difficult to approach the window, it also plays a role of crime prevention for the outside tilting window.

The elegant arch, which expresses the feeling of welcoming you, has a narrow width, but is decorated with delicate decorations like classical ribbons, coloring the space. You can also entangle vines, such as climbing roses.

The arches, which seem to copy the shape of the window frame, create a sense of unity in the space. It is a design that is suitable for such a purpose as it does not block the view as much as possible with the smallest line and subtly divides the space.