An electric shutter with a noble impression that colors the garage. Sugatsune Industry's "Architeria Shutter" system opens and closes smoothly. The fixed part between them is also decorated, and when closed, the shutter panel connects flat.

This garage shutter uses Sugatsune Industry Co., Ltd.'s electric shutter system "Architeria Shutter" that can be opened and closed with a smooth movement. While protecting your precious car, the wrought iron decoration adds a touch of glamor.

A wrought iron garage that firmly supports a polycarbonate roof. The side frames and pillars are decorated to protect your precious car from the rain.

An electric shutter that colors the garage with a delicate design. The wrought iron is layered with glass panels to protect your precious car from the elements. The decorations on the walls on both sides are also made in the same style, giving a more luxurious and solemn impression.